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  • Tell a Color Story

    Tell a Color Story
    A niche market of combination planters for all seasons of the year is driving a new generation of shoppers as well as seasoned regulars into Tonkadale Greenhouse in Minnetonka, MN. “Our merchandise is purchased with the idea that you can use it in conjunction with your containers inside or outside, so most of it is outdoor-durable,” says Jessie Jacobson, General Manager....READ MORE
  • Watch for a Surge in Millennial Homeowners in the Next Four Years - and Make Sure You’re Stocked for It!

    Watch for a Surge in Millennial Homeowners in the Next Four Years - and Make Sure You’re Stocked for It!
    Get ready for more Millennials in a home gardening frame of mind at your garden center four years from now. They may be renters now, but more are getting into the housing market....READ MORE
  • Don’t Just ‘Think Different,’ ‘Do Different’

    Don’t Just ‘Think Different,’ ‘Do Different’
    I’ve discovered there are three distinct types of garden center owners: 1. Those who believe their current condition is as good as things are going to get. They’re convinced they have no need for an “outsider” to suggest ways that could actually improve on what they have in place....READ MORE
  • Secret Shopper - Albuquerque, NM

    Secret Shopper - Albuquerque, NM
    Osuna Nursery, 501 Osuna Road NE, Albuquerque, NM, Shopper's Favorite This store’s bright yellow building is inviting and easy to spot from any direction, and the paved parking lot is clearly marked. I explore outdoors first, following walkways through the gravel display area. Clean, neat plant blocks are marked with colorful, descriptive signs....READ MORE
  • Are You Ready for the New Reality of ‘Dynamic Pricing?’

    Are You Ready for the New Reality of ‘Dynamic Pricing?’
    It is not unusual for most garden centers to consider “markdown” a dirty or unspeakable word. Any reduction in the selling price of an item is viewed as a loss of profit for your store. For most of the first part of the last century and well into the 1980s, most retailers sold their products at full retail price. In the past 20 years, however, markdowns have become a major issue for retailers everywhere....READ MORE
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  • Big Things In Store

    August 17, 2012

    New ideas, new products, new excitement at IGC 2012 - you’ve never seen anything like it! Spring sprang - and sprang big. Now garden center owners, managers and staff are making big plans

  • ‘It Was Awesome,’ Say IGCs of the Season that Broke Records

    July 20, 2012
    Spring’s early arrival across the country, along with consumers’ willingness to open their wallets, made for a sunny selling season for many this year. “Weather-wise, it was awesome; sales-wise, it was awesome,” says Peter Bowden, Garden Expert and Public Relations for Hewitt’s Garden Centers, NY, ranked No. 49 in IGC Retailer’s 100 report with $10.4 million in sales....

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