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  • Put More Sizzle In Your Summertime Displays!

    Put More Sizzle In Your Summertime Displays!
    It’s so easy to catch a summer cold in our independent garden centre business. Spring was so wonderfully busy this season that we may have forgotten about summer until it was upon us. But don’t worry, there’s still time to put more sizzle in your summertime merchandising!...READ MORE
  • ‘New and Popular’ Doesn’t Mean It’s the Right Thing to Do

    ‘New and Popular’ Doesn’t Mean It’s the Right Thing to Do
    While working for Novalis years ago, I was chosen to give a presentation on garden center operations at an industry event as part of Novalis’ sponsorship package. On a personal note, the relationship I had with Novalis remains one of the highlights of my career. The retail segment of the industry lost one of the most valuable, progressive and bar-raising plant supplier teams ever assembled when Novalis stopped operating....READ MORE
  • Weston Nurseries' Five Year Plan

    Weston Nurseries' Five Year Plan
    Nineteen years ago, when Peter Mezitt returned to Weston Nurseries, his family’s business in Hopkinton, MA, he immediately saw big problems at the company. It would take more than a decade of reorganization, ownership restructuring, and stress and heartache before Mezitt, now President and CEO, could get the garden center business back on track....READ MORE
  • Secret Shopper - New Orleans, LA

    Secret Shopper - New Orleans, LA
    The Plant Gallery (TPG), 9401 Airline Highway, New Orleans, LA Shopper's Favorite. A mix of inground and container plantings highlights the stone and black wrought iron fencing, creating an impressive view from the street. A closer inspection doesn’t disappoint....READ MORE
  • Your Budget is Key to Getting You to Where You Want to Be

    Your Budget is Key to Getting You to Where You Want to Be
    You may look at budgets as rows and rows of mind-numbing numbers, but your budget is the key to profitably managing your garden center for the ultimate destination - a profitable bottom line, says Steve Bailey. His IGC Retail Conference track, “Fine-Tuning Your Store’s Finances: The Changes You Make Today Will Deliver More Dollars to Your Bottom Line,” will focus on financial strategies IGC retailers can implement in six all-new sessions at IGC East in Baltimore and IGC Chicago this summer....READ MORE
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  • Big Things In Store

    August 17, 2012

    New ideas, new products, new excitement at IGC 2012 - you’ve never seen anything like it! Spring sprang - and sprang big. Now garden center owners, managers and staff are making big plans

  • ‘It Was Awesome,’ Say IGCs of the Season that Broke Records

    July 20, 2012
    Spring’s early arrival across the country, along with consumers’ willingness to open their wallets, made for a sunny selling season for many this year. “Weather-wise, it was awesome; sales-wise, it was awesome,” says Peter Bowden, Garden Expert and Public Relations for Hewitt’s Garden Centers, NY, ranked No. 49 in IGC Retailer’s 100 report with $10.4 million in sales....

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