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  • Make Your Pots Pop! Container Display Pointers that Really Work

    Make Your Pots Pop! Container Display Pointers that Really Work
    Containers give your customers an easy way to grow the right plants in the right place. They can prove more cost-effective than preparing a bed or border, while pandering to your customers’ seasonal moods and constantly changing demands. Decorative containers are useful for adding theatricality and flair to any garden scheme....READ MORE
  • Is Your E-newsletter Getting Customers to Click ‘Open?’

    Is Your E-newsletter Getting Customers to Click ‘Open?’
    Retail Rules of the Road: “Never before in the history of marketing has something so important been done so poorly by so many when it could be so easily improved. Welcome to the world of garden center e-newsletters.”...READ MORE
  • English Gardens Rethinks Retail

    English Gardens Rethinks Retail
    Staying competitive in the multi-channel retail environment is the top challenge facing IGC retailers, says John Darin, English Gardens’ President and second generation Co-owner: “Most of us do not have the resources and capital to compete in the multi-shopping experience with the mass market.” The retailer is working on leveraging its brick-and-mortar stores and branding into additional business, he says. “We’re looking at a lot of opportunities, but right now, we’re concentrating on the Proven Winners e-commerce program, as well as continuing to invest in mobile app customer purchasing. The game can’t be won at the brick-and-mortar store alone anymore,” says Darin....READ MORE
  • Secret Shopper - Seattle

    Secret Shopper - Seattle
    Wells Medina Nursery 8300 Northeast 24th Street, Medina, WA SHOPPER’S FAVORITE Tucked in an upscale residential area, this corner retail property surrounds itself on both sides with colorful inground plantings. The effect is enticing. The showy display continues along both sides of the blacktop paved entry, the borders of the parking lot and along the front of the garden center....READ MORE
  • Peace of Mind Lies in Tracking Your Cash Flow & Balance

    Peace of Mind Lies in Tracking Your Cash Flow & Balance
    Are you operating with the best cash balance for your garden center’s long-term success? Steve Bailey is ready to help you make the most of the numbers in his IGC Retail Conference track, “Fine-Tuning Your Store’s Finances: The Changes You Make Today Will Deliver More Dollars to Your Bottom Line.” He’ll focus on financial strategies designed specifically for IGC retailers in six all-new sessions at IGC East in Baltimore and IGC Chicago this summer....READ MORE
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  • Big Things In Store

    August 17, 2012

    New ideas, new products, new excitement at IGC 2012 - you’ve never seen anything like it! Spring sprang - and sprang big. Now garden center owners, managers and staff are making big plans

  • ‘It Was Awesome,’ Say IGCs of the Season that Broke Records

    July 20, 2012
    Spring’s early arrival across the country, along with consumers’ willingness to open their wallets, made for a sunny selling season for many this year. “Weather-wise, it was awesome; sales-wise, it was awesome,” says Peter Bowden, Garden Expert and Public Relations for Hewitt’s Garden Centers, NY, ranked No. 49 in IGC Retailer’s 100 report with $10.4 million in sales....

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