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  • Greenstreet’s IGC ‘gut instincts’

    Greenstreet’s  IGC ‘gut instincts’
    When Ray Greenstreet stepped into the quirky little shop with beautiful plants, he “knew in his toes” he wanted it. For four decades, Applehouse Garden Center had been a fixture on this busy street corner of Alexandria, VA. He could see the potential....READ MORE
  • Secret Shopper - St. Louis

    Secret Shopper - St. Louis
    Rolling Ridge Nursery, 60 N. Gore Ave., Webster Groves, MO - Shopper's Favorite I am so intrigued by this store’s multi-level, old brick building that I miss the parking lot across the street. I turn the corner and follow signs and arrows leading me down a slope to the small space for parking below. I stroll through an extensive area of high-quality nursery stock, with blocks of trees by type, both deciduous and evergreen, balled and burlapped and potted....READ MORE
  • The Advantages of Tailoring Your ‘SKU Intensity’ Are Many

    The Advantages of Tailoring Your ‘SKU Intensity’ Are Many
    For almost all garden centers, inventory is the single largest asset on the balance sheet. Yet, despite all the improvements in technology over the past 25 years, inventory continues to be the least productive asset for many garden centers. To determine inventory productivity, we use a measure called “turnover,” which tells us how many times inventory sells out in a year....READ MORE
  • You’ve Got to Tell Your Customers What You Have to Offer

    You’ve Got to Tell Your Customers What You Have to Offer
    Garden centers used to be able to set out plants in rows and sell them quickly, but that’s not the case anymore, says Judy Sharpton, whose IGC Retail Conference track, “Your Toughest Store Problems Solved,” focuses on retail-ready solutions via six all-new sessions at IGC East and IGC Chicago this summer. IGC retailers are facing more competition than ever before, and some are struggling to set themselves apart....READ MORE
  • Breaking Down the Barriers Will Sell More Plants

    Breaking Down the Barriers Will Sell More Plants
    Progressive independent garden centre retailers already realise that to grow sales, they cannot simply place outdoor plants in straight rows, and they know the indoor plant department has to be a “living lifestyle” department rather than the houseplant department of old. But how do we move on from there?...READ MORE
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  • Big Things In Store

    August 17, 2012

    New ideas, new products, new excitement at IGC 2012 - you’ve never seen anything like it! Spring sprang - and sprang big. Now garden center owners, managers and staff are making big plans

  • ‘It Was Awesome,’ Say IGCs of the Season that Broke Records

    July 20, 2012
    Spring’s early arrival across the country, along with consumers’ willingness to open their wallets, made for a sunny selling season for many this year. “Weather-wise, it was awesome; sales-wise, it was awesome,” says Peter Bowden, Garden Expert and Public Relations for Hewitt’s Garden Centers, NY, ranked No. 49 in IGC Retailer’s 100 report with $10.4 million in sales....

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